Back in the saddle

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. Life and kids and mortgage keep me busy.

Alot has changed in the world in last 5 years. The phrase digital nomad has become a common term, a more accepted lifestyle, even encouraged. And this was before the almighty coronavirus reared its ugly head.

Now, in addition to people being forced to work at home due to Covid-19, many need to find new work and are forced to get creative with employment. They might need to keep multiple part time jobs. They often need to look for work outside of their standard skill set. People are being removed from their comfort zone.

It’s an interesting time. 2020 is going to change the future of employment. In this slow and gradual return to normalcy, returning to the office 3 days per week to stagger time with other employees, at some point workers will be at a perfect balance of home/office time. Whether it will recognized and valued is the question. I believe it will be. And it will shape the future of work.

I’ll be back with stories from the last few years, and more commentary on current events. Stay tuned.

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