The Richards Group Will Pay You to Sleep on the Job

A little extra space in your agency? Perhaps you should follow Stan Richards’ lead and convert it into sleep zones. According to a story at TH Online, the founder of the Richards Group has transformed four walk-in-closet-size spaces into nap rooms for employees.

The inspiration struck after one of his own naps left him feeling so refreshed he did research into the subject and found plenty of evidence that a siesta can be rejuvenating during the middle of a long day.

But won’t clients worry? Won’t employees spend entire afternoons there? According to Richards, the idea hasn’t taken off as he’d expected. Further, “I never worry about whether I’m going to get a fair shake from the people who work here. We get great performance out of people,” he told the paper. Naps, he added, “should enhance that.”

I don’t know what’s going on with the employees at the Richards Group, but if I were there at this very moment, I’d be down for the count. Combine this with the old three-martini lunch and you just might have the happiest employees on the planet.

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