I have seen the future… and it is quite lame.

walmart small jpgSuburbia has never been so boring and homogenous.  We’ve gone from village, to mall, to stripmall, to THIS.

This photo was taken just outside of Sacramento, CA.  Someone must have forgotten to support those local retailers.  Who is going to support your kids little league team?  Or better yet, who is going to stop Wal-Mart from dominating then jacking up prices when their is no competition?  Who’s going to stop Wal-Mart from manipulating their vendors, ultimately requiring that all products are produced overseas, costing us crucial jobs??  Who is going to stop Wal-Mart from closing all the other retailers and then beging to lower wages (even more), since their is nowhere else to work?

I have good friends who shop at Wal-Mart.   Just remember people, short term discount (even though it’s not always true!) will likely lead to long term price increases for poor-quality products.  Watch out.

If you must go ‘big-box’, consider Costco.  Not only do they pay their employees better and have always offered health insurance (and gladly hired full-time employees), but their original name was actually “Fed-Mart”.  No joke.

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