Brazen Careerist: Job hopping: How much is too much?

Brazen PicThis is up for discussion, clearly!  It depends on your goal! :)  But in all seriousness, Permanent Temporary is more about temp agency work and freelance assignments, NOT about burning through jobs where your employer is hoping for a long-term employee.  That’s just bad business.

Regardless, the link below contains some great insights from Penelope Trunk on her blog ‘Brazen Careerist’

My favorite part:

“…That’s the thing about job hopping. People want to hear an explanation that makes sense. They don’t want to hear you failed, or didn’t get along with people, or have no attention span. Not every job will be the pinnacle of success, but a good resume writer can make every job look like it was some sort of success, and that your level of success increased with each hop, because with each hop you got more responsibility.

I know that a lot of you hop because you don’t know what to do with yourself. But you’ll probably be able to find some consistent string running throughout all your jobs. Maybe it was customer service, maybe all your jobs were sports-related, you’ll have to figure out the story. But a good story weaves everything together into something linear, and, if you’re lucky, it’ll point you toward what you should do next.”

Well said! :)

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