Virtual Contractors for the Future!

Many sites are popping up offering virtual assistants in India, the Phillipines, etc.  I’ve been using oDesk for some of my admin work.  It’s great.  It took a little work to find the right person but it’s now working fine and keeping me very productive.

I’ve mentioned this to friends and a few said, “Yes, I’ve posted there to try to get freelance work”.   10 years ago I would have been doing the same.  Now, I’m more thinking of ways to utilize the skills of the contractors to create value that I can use or sell to others.  Having been a long term temp helps me to understand how a specific temp might help to add value to specific situations.   Stay tuned.

Others in the category…

VA Association:

Anther site, Fiverr, is more Americans that outsourced workers.   All of the contractors are offering a specific task for $5.  Pretty simple, but that’s the point.  It’s still in beta so we’ll keep a close eye on them.  Maybe I’ll see you there!!

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